The Barachois Vanadium Project - Quebec

The Barachois Project is an early stage prospect in the Gaspe area of Quebec. The project has two types of mineralization on the property: Sandstone-hosted V-U and Mississippi-Valley-Type (MVT). The mineralization lines up with the Troisième Lac Fault under the rich organic layer of carboniferous sedimentary rocks.

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The property appears to present a unique exploration opportunity in Quebec. The Carboniferous aged sedimentary basin covers an area of approximately 250 square kilometres in the Gaspe area of Quebec.

Mineral Occurrences

Beattie 1 mineralization is in a black, schistose sandstone argillaceous schist. Grab samples have yielded 8.75% Pb, 27 ppm Ag, >1% Cr, >1% V. Carbonaceous material includes full trees. Mineralized layer sub-horizontal, slightly dipping to the N; 0.5-1.5 m thick and 1,300 m strike extent. Multiple elements including commodities: Pb, U, Ag, Cr, V, Se, Zn. Beattie 2 subhorizontal, 1.5 x 20 m strike length with 9.4 g/t Ag, 37.6 % Fe; 3.83 g/t Ag, 3950 ppm Pb; Zn.

Cannes-de-Roches Occurrence includes vertical units of breccia, conglomerate and calcareous red sandstone some black schist and carbonaceous material (anthracite). Mineralization in NW-SE trending organic-rich layers.

The organic rich layer of the Beattie 2 showing

The organic rich layer of the Beattie 2 showing