The Monster Property

The Monster Property is an Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) occurrence covering 63 km2 in the Yukon Dawson mining district. There are elevated cobalt and copper zones across the entire 18 km length of the property, indicating extensive subsurface mineralization.

(Large figure)

The Monster Property IOCG mineralization is hosted within and directly adjacent to the Wernecke Breccia which is correlated to large deposits in Australia and Chile offering great high-tonnage potential.

Remote Spectral Geology

A property wide remote sensing survey was undertaken in early 2018. Remote Spectral Geology (RSG) is the measurement and analysis-interpretation of spectral satellite data to identify different rock types and surface materials and their alteration signatures.

The RSG technique has identified the sections of the Monster property with the best potential to host Cu-Au and Cu-Co mineralization using Landsat 5, 7 & 8 and Sentinel 2 satellite data.

Magnetic and Radiometric Survey completed in 2018

Expanding Historical Targets

The main areas of exploration have been the two zones in the middle of the property. The CC Zone and the historical Cobalt Cirque offer great potential for the 2019 program.

Rock samples taken from these anomalous zones have visible cobaltite and erythrite, both different types of cobalt mineralization.
(figure is a rock sample from Mark's High Grade zone)

Figure 1 - Close up from rock sample at Marks High Grade on the Monster property